Adobe Update Manager

Tips and Tricks - Adobe Update Manager
Adobe Update Manager (CS5) notifies users of all available Adobe application updates. The Adobe icon (shown above) will appear within the Apple menu bar when the need for updates is detected. This icon will serve as a reminder of the need to update an Adobe application and will remain in view until updates are complete.

Some Tips on Proper Laptop Care

Some Tips on Proper Laptop Care
A laptop should be stored at room temperature, avoiding exposure to extreme cold or heat. Cold batteries cannot create optimum power, while hot batteries will discharge very quickly. Extreme changes in temperature may cause condensation on and in the laptop that may potentially be damaging. In the event that your laptop has been exposed to extremes in temperature, place it in a normal room environment and give it time to reach room temperature before starting it.

While semi-permanent silicon and plastic cases are popular and stylish, we do not encourage their use. These cases act as insulation and reduce the laptop's ability to dissipate heat through its ventilation system and metal enclosure. Instead, protect your laptop with a case that is removable when using your laptop, such as the backpacks manufactured by Built featured in our August 2009 newsletter.

When cleaning your laptop's display, avoid using water or alcohol-based cleaners. We recommend a product called iKlear. It comes with a Micro-Chamois and Micro-Fiber cloth and can be purchased from QuadStar for $24.99.

If your keyboard is in need of cleaning, first use a soft brush attached to a small vacuum cleaner to remove dust and lint and then use a barely damp cloth to clean the keys. If you are interested in purchasing iKlear cleaner or have any other questions about laptop care, contact QuadStar at 440-546-9911 or email us.

Our Recommendations for Reformatting Flash Drives

Tips and Tricks - Our Recommendations for Reformatting Flash Drives To reformat flash drives on a Macintosh, follow these instructions. If the flash drive contains files, first copy those files to a hard drive. Launch the Disk Utility by going to the Applications folder > Utilities folder > Disk Utility Application. Select the flash drive from the Disk Utility's list of drives, click the Erase tab, choose MS-DOS (FAT) from the Volume Format pop-up menu and click the Erase button. The flash drive will be erased with the selected format and will be usable on both Macs and Windows PCs. If necessary, copy the files you have just moved to the hard drive back to the newly formatted flash drive. Click here to read an informative Macworld article on reformatting a flash drive and why the MS-DOS (FAT) format may be your best choice.

Avoiding Disc Burn Errors

Tips and Tricks - Avoiding Disc Burn Errors To decrease faulty disc burn errors, purchase media that matches or exceeds your optical drive's write speed and do some testing to establish which media burn speed performs optimally on your computer. Establishing the optimal burn speed will minimize burn errors. We recommend one speed below the specifications provided with the media. For example, if you purchase discs that burn at 6x, burn your discs at one speed lower than 6x.

There are different optical disc formats and most new optical burners are compatible with most formats. However, establishing which formats are supported by the optical drive in a Mac is also necessary. Click on the Apple Icon Menu > About This Mac > More Info. This opens the System Profiler. In the left column under hardware, select disc burning to display a list of all supported formats that can be read and written on your Mac. Pay close attention to write formats, noting the (+) and/or (-) statistics so that you purchase discs that have the proper designation.

Access Alternate Time Machine Drives

Access Alternate Time Machine Drives Once a hard drive containing Time Machine backups is full, Time Machine will automatically begin deleting the oldest backup on the Time Machine drive to make room for the current backup. In an environment where the user requires all previous Time Machine backups, they may consider buying another hard drive for the current backups and archiving the full hard drive containing the older backups. In the August 2009 Newsletter we reviewed the LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disks, priced at $139 for the 500GB, $169 for the 1TB and $239 for the 1.5TB. These would be good choices for an additional Time Machine backup drive.

Time Machine has a feature that allows the user to access alternate Time Machine drives containing Time Machine backups. Click here to read MacWorld's article on "Access Alternate Time Machine Drives". For more information on Time Machine or to purchase the LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk, call QuadStar at 440-546-9911 or email us.

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